PDX freestanding kids bag set


Are you ready to RUMBLE.

Whatever your choice of martial art discipline, the PDX Free-Standing Punch Bag is ready for you to attack it with everything you've got! The more effort you put into your training, the better results you will see in the ring.

Our heavy-duty punch bag is a fantastic training aid, helping you to build up your fitness and improve your technique. Whether you are boxing, kick-boxing, practicing a martial art, or simply want another tool in your home cardio studio, this bag will become an essential component in your training.

Top quality material.

We have taken the best quality materials possible to create a boxing bag that is durable, resistant and able to absorb every shock, no matter what you throw at it! It is also extremely easy to assemble, so you can start training minutes after opening the packaging. 

Lined with soft thick foam around the metal inside. The bag is wrapped in strong ( Tarpaulin heavy duty waterproof material ) that will resist every blow and gives the bag an attractive shiny finish. The bag won't tear or split easily and has been made for regular and repeated use. And when you're finished, it can be simply wiped clean.

The padded punching bag slides effortlessly over the metal stand, which then connects to the  base. This narrow base makes moving around the bag a breeze, with your biggest trip-hazard reduced. It can be filled with water or sand to create a sturdy foundation on which the bag can sit. Sand is heavier, making it more difficult to punch the bag over, but water will make it easier to push the bag to one side when you have finished training.

Base is Rexion Leather with zipper.

Height is 4ft after Assembled.

Ideal for Ages 5-13.  

Comes with complete fitting plugs, nuts and bolts. 

1x Free Standing Punch Bag.

1x Kid Punching Mitt made with high quality artificial leather.

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